JKS Football Club walk out of Castle Vale Stadium

Castle Vale JKS will no longer be playing their football games at Castle Vale Stadium.
The club has written to the new stadium owners, CVCHA, informing them of their decision.
JKS senior team currently plays their fixtures in the Premier Division of the Midland Combination.
Their junior teams will still play their games on the adjoining pitches, but will not use the central stadium pitch.

Castle Vale Stadium has recently been transferred from the City Council to the local housing association on a 25 year lease.
Since they have taken over the ownership of the Stadium, CVCHA, via its subsidiary service organisation CVCRS, have advertised for someone to run the bar, kitchen and lounge facility on a business basis.
Prior to the club’s resignation from the Stadium, Castle Vale JKS had been informed by CVCHA that they will not be chosen as the business managers for the stadium.

Phoenix United, who play their fixtures in Division One of the Midland Combination, will continue to use the stadium as their home base.

21 responses to “JKS Football Club walk out of Castle Vale Stadium

  1. Who is Steve welch?

  2. i will contact john. iv got two things to ask, 1, why fold the teams now and not at the end of the season. 2, and if you have £3.5million why not look for somewhere else to play and invest there.

  3. why can you all argue over whose got the money to do this and do that and slag each other off at the end of the day im a parent of one of then boys that plays for jks flood lit league and he is totally gutted to be told he cant play there no more and im sorry to say cvcha are a housing association what do they know about a football ground they are there for the community dont make me laugh they dont give a sxxt ( sorry ) all they are interested in is making money what about these kids that love playing football and keeping off the streets and keeping out of trouble so stop bigging yourselves up and think about these kids

  4. sad news to hear about jks. sad news to hear about any teams from the vale folding. we need more teams from the vale to play on the vale with the support from the cvcha. 1 last thing who is steve welch. thanks

    • he is some joker who came in promising and saying he is going to do all this and that and he has not done a thing

    • Marc, if you want to listen to the horses mouth, contact John Deeble and he will pass your details to Steve who can gladly tell you what’s happening. Gary. You should be aware I am a Fraud Investigator and nothing is beyond my grasp!!! If you have nothing intelligent to say, about something you clearly know nothing about. I suggest you just be quiet!

  5. Mate you ent got a clue simple as that you kept saying your going to do this and that and you ent done f… A.. It’s not fair on the lads after you promising all this rubbish do me a favour and f… O.. Thanks

    • If you have so much to say, and clearly you know so much, why are you hiding behind anonymity??? You clearly have no idea what has been done and what has and is going on. Please come forward and if you are as concerned about the club as we are, then join us in the fight.. If you knew the full story, you would not be so eager to criticize. You know where and how to contact us.

  6. Bye,Bye.What a good business man.

  7. Censorship !!!! as a news paper you must believe in freedom of speech and to speculate is not to accuse GROW UP but it is a fact that we are not welcome at the stadium and a majority of our management have been to sunnier climates for there holidays and have wonderful Tans . STEVE WELCH . You will get to know me well soon hope you all enjoy the experience although I am sure some of you won’t hey that’s life

  8. Am I not right, but was not the proposal provided by JKS and their consultants, which already involved £35,000 of work and research and included a £150k marketing plan to promote the stadium met with enthusiasm and support by the CV residents association, local councillor and the leisure committee? I believe comments were also made by CVCHA, given JKS ability to convert the stadium into a focal part of the community at NO COST to the community. Hmmm, yes, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx as well as inefficiency and people on power trips who have NO desire to see the stadium reach its full potential – probably because they dont know how to.!!! For the record – This is NOT steve Welch JKS but I know he does have ALL the facts

  9. Can’t even say who you are how brave . Let me tell you I have £3.5 million investment for the stadium to improve the facility for the community and all profits will be reinvested all staff and contractors would be sort from Castle Vale . CVHA have missed the chance to give the residents of Castle Vale a state of the art facility and at no cost to the public but instead they intend to run it at a loss until it falls down . I am in possession of there business plan , if you can call it that , they show a lose year on year and that plan included £500,000 from the FA and £100,000 from Sport England when ther representatives had stopped laughing at the figures they both informed me that never would they give them the money There is a different agenda going on here and I can only speculate , is it xxxxxxxxx , xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx is it that the person is really as stupid as they appear or just apathy and lack of vision . But the fight is not over yet if anyone wants to sell alcohol in the bar they will have to speak to me hope the person who quite wrongly leaked this information has mentioned that . Steve Welch JKS

  10. Let me tell you that Cvha have just turned there back on £3.5 million pounds worth of investment . Cvha have took on the stadium on a 25 year lease with a 2 year break clause , so not much confidence there then . I am in possession of the figures for the stadium and Cvha predict losses year on year . One particular person in particular has treated JKS with sheer disrespect and as of now , as a confidential document has been leaked . Well I am a businessman and don’t take these things lying down and if you are wondering about the investments and plans for the stadium then get intouch if you are any good as a journalist you will soon find me but rest assured I have a lot of power and people will pay a heavy price for this betrayal . And to the idiot comments at least have the balls to sign your name .

    Steve Welch Castle Vale JKS . Come and find me and learn the truth

  11. Roger Bullomsfield

    Sad news regarding JKS, but now is time to do the right thing and bring Paget Rangers back home to Vale Stadium

  12. sad news regarding the demise of Castle Vale JKS. Its time to bring Paget Rangers home to Vale Stadium

  13. Birmingham City Ladies are still playing their home games at Straford-upon-Avon I believe! I think they would love a move closer to home!

  14. I cannot believe JKS have come to this decision, But as running senior teams
    who use the stadium it will not become a sad loss.
    poor team, poor management, and poor support.
    bottom of league every year.let someone else have you.
    CVCHA Please bring some a big club in thats whats Castle Vale deserves.

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