Lock-knife offence

A man has admitted carrying an offensive weapon in a public place. Continue reading

Tyburn Road bus-lane congestion

Tyburn Road: a long queue of traffic in one lane, but no cars are allowed to use the empty bus lane... and not a bus in sight

Tyburn Road: a long queue of traffic in one lane, but no cars are allowed to use the empty bus lane… and not a bus in sight

A Pype Hayes resident is keeping up his campaign to get the Council to reconsider their bus-lane on Tyburn Road. Continue reading

Jobs: Erdington hairdressers – two jobs available


Part / Full Time Stylist Required Continue reading

Threatening behaviour charge for man in jail

A Castle Vale man who is currently in prison has been charged with using threatening behaviour towards a man in April. Continue reading

Almost 70% of Tyburn voters said LEAVE

Figures released today show that 68% of voters in Tyburn wanted to LEAVE the European Union. Continue reading

Labour ‘on brink of catastrophic defeat from which it may never recover’ – Dromey’s moving resignation letter to “my old friend Jeremy”

Jack Dromey has resigned from the Labour Front Bench Team. Continue reading

Travellers moved on swiftly from Stadium

Travellers were moved off Farnborough Fields yesterday after swift action from several organisations. Continue reading

Racism on the rise because of Brexit, says Dromey

Erdington MP Jack Dromey says there has been  “a wave of racial abuse and attacks because of how immigration was handled in the Referendum campaign.” Continue reading

High praise for primary school

A local primary school has been given a boost by inspectors in their latest report. Continue reading

So close in Brum: less than 1% majority vote Leave

More people in Birmingham voted to leave the European Union than voted to remain. Continue reading