Caught in possession of cocaine in Tyburn pub

A 44 year-old man has pleaded guilty to being in charge of cocaine while he was in the Tyburn pub in June.

Kevin Burke, of Edgemond Avenue in Sutton Coldfield, was ordered to pay a total of £349 in fines and court costs by Birmingham Magistrates.

Threatening behaviour

A Castle Vale woman has pleaded guilty to using threatening or abusive words or behaviour in an incident on 27th August, within sight or hearing of someone likely to be caused harassment or distress by the behaviour.

Helen Louise McAlinden, aged 20, of Mere Avenue, has been granted bail while a pre-sentence report is being prepared. She will appear at Birmingham Magistrates Court later this month.

Nicest job in Britain: £35k salary, car, free flights, and working for charity

Charities and locals from the West Midlands are being invited to enter a ground-breaking national initiative that will give one person a year-long paid job to provide free support to 45 selected charities and not-for-profit organisations in 2015.

Called ‘The Nicest Job in Britain’, the campaign was launched yesterday by Birmingham-based energy consultancy UA (Utility Aid) to encourage businesses and people to ‘do more good.’

‘The Nicest Job in Britain’ will recruit one person to become UA’s National Philanthropy Manager, a full-time role that will see them travel across the country to support a chosen charity or not-for-profit organisation each week throughout 2015.

Anyone over 18 years old from the West Midlands who has a passion for making a positive difference can apply, with no experience in utilities necessary. Applications for the position can be registered now at The attractive package includes:

  •  Salary of £35,000 for the year
  • Comprehensive training
  • Company car
  • Free return flights to a destination of their choice
  • £2,500 donation to the charity of their choice at the end of the year

The West Midlands – based charities are also being invited to apply for a chance to be one of the 45 charities who will benefit from the free support of the National Philanthropy Manager and the publicity that will be generated through their association with the campaign.

To nominate a charity, go to

Each successful charity will have the resources of the National Philanthropy Manager for one week to support them in any tasks, from fundraising events to marketing ideas as well as helping them save money on their utilities.

Selco support Macmillan’s charity

Staff and customers at the Selco’s building merchants in Tyburn raised £175.40 by joining the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning.

Selco Builders Warehouse supported its nominated charity, Macmillan Cancer Support, by holding coffee mornings at its branches across England and Wales.

At its branches across Birmingham, staff raised almost £2,000. A total of £745 was raised at Selco’s Perry Barr branch in Walsall Road with a cake sale, raffle and duck race.

Another £518.02 was raised at the Stirchley branch in Charlotte Road, and  £462.43 was made at the Tyseley branch in Wharfdale Road.

Selco Builders Warehouse has already beaten its target of raising £150,000 for Macmillan Cancer Support in three years.  The target since 2012 has been to raise £50,000 each year. 

Helen Gemmell, marketing director at Selco, said: “The Macmillan Coffee Morning has become a big event on the charity calendar and everyone at Selco is delighted to have played a part in it.

“All of our 35 branches have a café so they make a great venue for these fundraisers.

“We’re extremely proud to have raised so much money since we started supporting Macmillan in 2012 and we’ve already exceeded our target of raising £50,000 for this year.”

Quiz Night Friday

Teams of up to six players are invited to take part in a Charity Quiz Night, this Friday, 3rd October, at Castle Vale Stadium.

The event starts at 7pm. There’s food and a licensed bar. It costs £2.50 per player to enter. Tickets are available from the Sanctuary, or pay on the night at the door.

Poo power from Minworth sewage works

Severn Trent Water has injected green gas produced from around 2.5 million people’s ‘processed poo’ into gas pipes serving homes in the Birmingham area.

Thanks to a new treatment process, the green gas becomes just as clean and exactly the same as normal gas.

 The company’s renewable energy development manager, Simon Farris, explains: “Minworth is our largest sewage treatment works; we treat sewage from around 2.5 million people in the wider Birmingham area. Although it’s a little unsavoury, there’s lots and lots of power locked in poo, and when that’s processed it’s perfect to generate clean renewable green gas.

“As part of the sewage treatment process, sewage sludge is produced. At Minworth we feed this to our 16 anaerobic digesters, or ‘concrete cows’, which work like giant cow’s stomachs to digest the waste material to produce energy in the form of gas.

“Currently, we use 40 per cent of this energy to make electricity, but more can be done – that’s where this new process comes in. With treatment, gas from sewage is made clean enough and at the right consistency to be injected into the gas supply network to power homes in the area. It’s local gas produced from local people!”

“The gas is made suitable for use in homes with a simple process which involves some complex engineering techniques. The gas is ‘washed’ at high pressure, it is then ‘squashed’ or compressed so it is at the same pressure as natural gas and then it is ‘tested’ for quality and an odour is added so it smells like normal gas. Once that has been done, it’s finally ‘injected’ into the gas supply network. Before it is injected, we have the opportunity to stop the process, so we can be 100 per cent certain it is perfect.

 “We generate renewable energy from a number of different sources to help keep costs down for our customers and protect the planet. Innovations like this will help us to generate around 30 per cent of the energy we need to power our sewage and water treatment works from renewable sources by 2015.”

Duplic8 on ITV’s Sunday Night at the Palladium

Duplic8, the dance pair featuring Castle Vale’s Got Talent winner Jak Tuite Leach and his partner Tobias Meade appeared on ITV’s Sunday Night at the Palladium tonight (Sunday 28th), hosted by comedian Jack Whitehall.

“You know when things are going really good….well…… Now things are going even better! Hahaha really am loving life right now,” tweeted Tobias Meade earlier today.

Jak and Tobias recently won Sky One’s Got to Dance competition, worth £250,000.

The audience for the ITV Sunday Night at the Palladium will be by far their biggest event.
The show aired at 7pm and is available to watch on the ITV player.