Councillors set meeting at Castle Pool

There will be a Tyburn Ward Committee Meeting on Thursday 11th September starting at 6.30pm
at Castle Pool, Farnborough Road.

Ward Committee meetings are opportunities for the public to meet with their three ward councillors: Cllrs Sharpe, Clinton and Brown, who are their representatives on Birmingham City Council.

Traffic jams at Tyburn and Spitfire Islands as roadworks become major

Work has begun on the central reservation of the major roadworks on the Chester Road and around Spitfire Island. Roads joining the busy Tyburn and Spitfire Islands have been experiencing significant traffic flow problems today. JLR and Retail Park traffic can expect to endure serious congestion problems in the coming months.

Traffic lights are due to be installed permanently on roads leading into Spitfire Island. Road widening will eventually give parts of the Chester Road three carriageways.

Work began in June 2014, and was scheduled to last for 12 months.

Vandal daubs white gloss paint across parked car overnight

Thick white lines of gloss paint have been daubed down thedriver's  side and back of the vehicle

Thick white lines of gloss paint have been daubed down thedriver’s side and back of the vehicle

A vandal with a bucket of white paint has caused hundreds of pounds worth of damage to a resident’s car in Tyburn.
The immaculate Citroen saloon car was parked on Holly Lane last night when the damage was inflicted. The car’s owner awoke this morning to find thick lines had been daubed in white gloss paint all along the driver’s side of the vehicle, and across the rear end of the car.
The rear number plate had been covered in paint.
The owner has recently had his car returned from a garage, valeted and in prime condition after repairs following some damage to bodywork. He reckons that the vandal struck with his brush and paintbucket sometime after 3.30am in the early hours of this morning, and before sunrise.
He has contacted police and is awaiting their response this morning.

The rear of the Citroen has been smeared with gloss paint

The rear of the Citroen has been smeared with gloss paint

False number plates and insurance claim

A teenage driver who admitted giving false details in an insurance claim has been ordered to complete 100 hours of unpaid community work in the next 12 months.
Aqeel Hussain, aged 18, of Spring Lane in Erdington, pleaded guilty to using false number plates in May, and to giving false details in a claim to Admiral Insurance.
He was ordered to pay costs of £220.

Unlicensed teen admits dangerous driving

A teenage driver has pleaded guilty to a series of motoring offences and to possession of a Class B drug.
James Paragon, aged 19, of Wood End Road in Tyburn, admitted driving a Citroen Berlingo dangerously and without a licence or insurance on Kendrick Road in Shard End in June.
He also admitted to wilfully obstructing a police officer, and to possession of cannabis.
He will be sentenced next month.

Tigers snarl at Jack’s bare flesh

Jack Grealish.... cover yourself up, Jack

Jack Grealish…. cover yourself up, Jack

Read Fat Alan’s verdict on Jack Grealish and his naked flesh.

Rileys snooker club: the final frame

Closed: Rileys on Kingsbury Road, Castle Vale

Closed: Rileys on Kingsbury Road, Castle Vale

Rileys, the snooker club and sports bar on Kingsbury Road in Castle Vale, has closed.
The Rileys chain of snooker clubs has faced financial pressure for the past five years, during which time several of its snooker clubs across the UK have closed down.
Rileys in Castle Vale, along with over 120 other snooker clubs nationwide, was rescued by Viking Sports Ltd in 2009 when its then parent company went into administration. That episode saw the closure of the Sutton Coldfield Rileys, along with dozens of other snooker clubs.
Further difficulties with the snooker and sports club chain have been reported in 2012 and in February this year.